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Physical Education/Arts

Winter Olympics at Lakeside

Mrs. Trohoske's 5th graders won the Winter Olympics in 5th grade
Ms. Robbins' 3rd graders won the Winter Olympics in 3rd grade
Mrs. Scharwath's 2nd graders won the Winter Olympics in 2nd grade
Mrs. Trammell's 4th graders won the Winter Olympics in 4th grade

Coach Evan Bruce

Physical education teacher, Evan Bruce


My name is Evan Bruce and this is my first-year coaching at Lakeside Primary. I am a lifelong resident of Ascension Parish, and graduated from East Ascension in 2009. While mainly playing softball, I pride myself on being an all-round lover of sports. I am a mother of two children and future Bucks, Levi and Averi Bruce, and wife of my loving husband Michael. 

PE/Health Philosophy:

I have the honor of teaching a subject that goes deeper than just playing games. Physical education is a fun way to integrate sports into learning not only motor skills, but also social skills. While developing motor skills may be a main focus, the ability to watch my students social skills blossom is what keeps me wanting to come back each day. Learning sportsmanship and positivity will carry them throughout every aspect of life.

Art Philosophy:

I believe that arts are an avenue for students to be their most expressive and creative selves. The beauty of “art” is that there are no rules, no boundaries, only self expression!


Coach Patrick Gianelloni

Coach James %22Patrick%22 Gianelloni


I am James Patrick Gianelloni, a K-12 Physical Education and Health teacher. I have been teaching K-5 PE for five years at Lakeside Primary. In addition, I have been teaching Art for three years. I also have certifications with NSCS, CrossFit Level 1, and USAWeightlifting, which I still use as a coach outside of the classroom. Before starting my teaching career, I spent some time as a United States Marine.

PE philosophy:

I am lucky enough to teach a subject that has the opportunity to reach students through all three learning domains. With well planned, and fun activities, I can create a learning environment where students can practice and demonstrate different motor skills and movement patterns (psychomotor), help them understand movement concepts, principles, and tactics (cognitive), as well as create initial personal and social-emotional responsibilities (affective).

I want to empower my students with the confidence to use some form of physical activity for the rest of their life. Additionally, I hope to instill the same level of joy that I have for movement and fitness into habits that the students will take with them to have a high quality of life.

Art philosophy:

To quote one of my art students, “turn you oops into a ooh la la.” Art is a place where we can open up, let loose, and let our creative imaginations run wild, without the fear of messing up or “getting it wrong.” I believe that creating opportunities to let students think outside the box AND focusing on the details, can translate into harder working, more open-minded classroom students. I want to instill the ideas of “messing up,” never meaning you have to quit or give up. It should teach us to try again, and maybe finish with something even better than what we thought we were capable of.

Coach Elaine "Cherie" Tidwell

Coach Tidwell


I am a lifelong resident of the Galvez, Gonzales community. I graduated from  St. Amant High School. After HS, I attended LSU and obtained a degree in Kinesiology. I am the Proud Mother of two children, Tyler and Taylor Tidwell. After 27 years of teaching Physical Education and Coaching students in grades 6-12, I have enjoyed the last 3 years at Lakeside Primary. I could consider retirement but I would miss seeing all the smiling faces at Lakeside every morning.

Philosophy of Physical Education:

It is my philosophy of primary school Physical Education that our students are encouraged to explore a wide range of gross and fine motor skills. This exploration will provide an appreciation for individual differences while also developing social skills. The confidence our students will gain through fitness and sports will provide a lifetime of physical activity.

Philosophy of the Arts:

Art exploration allows students to use their fine motor skills to complete tasks and gain an appreciation for the arts. It also gives our students an opportunity to be creative and stimulate their imaginations.


Coach Aimee Williams

Coach Aimee Williams


My name is Aimee Williams and this is my 18th year of teaching.  I have been a Physical Education Teacher at Lakeside Primary since the school opened in 2009.  I became an Art Teacher at Lakeside in 2019.  I live in Ascension Parish and have lived here all my life.  I went to East Ascension High School from 1995-1999 and then attended Southeastern Louisiana University, which is where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in education in 2004.  I enjoy playing softball, volleyball, and basketball although I’m at the stage of my life where I mostly teach them and watch my own children play them.  I have 2 children who are 11 and 6 years old.  I truly enjoy teaching and watching children find success in learning something new.  


My purpose of teaching physical education and health is to teach the whole student, not just their body and movement. Physical education provides the opportunity to teach students about movement, strategies, teamwork, problem solving and health related fitness. Exposing students to various physical activities, sports, and methods of fitness can better provide enjoyment of physical activity.  I strive to safely facilitate students so they enjoy physical activity, become more confident with their abilities, and help them find ways to continue to be physically active throughout their life.  The present level of activity among children is a problem and a known contributor to the rising levels of obesity in the United States. I hope to provide an opportunity for students to find enjoyment in physical activity. Every student is unique thus I like to give all of them the opportunity to test their strengths and weaknesses, while continually finding success in my class. 

I believe art instruction is important to create well-rounded, well-prepared learners and leaders.  I believe that art teaches a student to make decisions and problem-solve and allows them to invent and be creative.  I hope to provide a foundation for my students that will help them mature as artists and individuals.